Amsterdam – The City of Charm

Amsterdam is one of the most distinct and unique location on World globe. This capital of Netherlands is famous for its aesthetic features and rich history. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful and sophisticated city, do keep in mind the best places of the location which are a must visit.

Oude Kerk is the famous church located in frenetic Red Light District. This protestant church invites you to explore its buildings, Octagonal bell tower with little houses at its side. An evening walk to the front of this church is something everyone would enjoy. Amsterdam is known for a number of well-built museums in the city. One of which is Van Gogh museum in the memory of world’s renowned artist Van Gogh. This museum contained some 200 paintings and 550 sketches of Van Gogh, which is an amazing artistic display of the Artist and his friends.

Het Scheepvaart Museum – The National Maritime Museum is another great and vibrant place especially for kids. Modern multimedia facilities have added a technique to old paintings, maps and ship models. It is a complete source of information about the country Netherlands- the greatest sea power at one time. Rijks Museum is one other most visited museum in the world. This museum stores a collection of paintings by some of the famous Dutch Artists and is a fantastic exploration of the history and culture of Dutch. Distinctive sculptures and antiques add to the wonderful collection of the place.
Amsterdam is uniquely famous for its deep-rooted canal system which provides this city with the highly developed outlook. This town is formed from canal rings which soothe the heart and soul of every passenger on its way. Whether walk or sail boats or a bicycle ride, you can never forget the space and the experience which is one of its kinds. Next most visited place in the city is its famous café ‘Brown”. This place is always found to be crowded with locals and tourists enjoying a simple meal or beer, chatting and relaxing. The extremely friendly atmosphere and reasonably low prices have made this place the most attended one.
Interested in visiting some historical spots of the city then make your first choice visiting Anne Frank house. Very small quarters in the centre of Amsterdam were the hiding place for two families for years from Nazis during World War II. All the historical accounts are stores finely in Anne Frank’s diary which she wrote during the period of her stay, and this diary is on display in the exhibition of the house. The list of the popular places can never end without mentioning Civil Guards Gallery. Completely free for public view, this gallery is an amazing display of Dutch golden Age. No doubt these paintings are not the finest like other museums of the city, but these are definitely the best reflection of city’s civilisation. These portraits give you the most authentic outlook of the citizens, and the culture prevailed centuries ago.
Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and historic places of the World. Enjoy the busiest yet peaceful and eye-catching spaces of the city and learn more about its history through the great architecture of the area.

Riga, Latvia’s Capital City

Riga is the biggest capital in the Baltics of out the 3 with a population of over 600,000 people and is pretty much in the center of the country, which makes it very accessible for the people outside Riga and in terms of travelling and visiting sites outside Riga, it is pretty much perfect.